Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sometimes My Mind Wanders

I'll be doing something and it will trigger a memory or a thought train that just takes off. That's where the name for this blog comes from. I guess I'll have to post that sometime but that's not what this blog is about.

I was working on my printer, replacing an encoder buried deep in the carriage assembly. I had to do it totally blind by feel because the damn engineers who design thinks never think about servicing them.

That got my mind wandering about something else I did totally by feel over thirty years ago, feel up my first girl. It's one of those things you only get to experience once.

Now you have to understand that in the 70's there was no way for a young man to learn about this part of the female anatomy. All we had were glimpses in stolen Playboys and back then they didn't show much and what they did was covered with hair. If you were lucky you found a Hustler magazine but on the east side of Indy these were rare indeed. So the only knowledge of that part of a female was learned from the instruction sheet from your sisters tampon box.

I had taken my girlfriend to a concert, I don't even remember what the band was (Cheep Trick or Sanatana or some group like that.) After the show we went parking. I parked my 1973 Ford station wagon with the big bench seat and we slid together and started to make out. After exploring second base for a while I went for it and she didn't stop me.

I unzipped her jeans and started to move my hand into position. Now trying to feel something with those tight pants in the way was close to impossible. So I coolly started to work her pants down a bit. Now I though I was a magician but looking back I never would have acquired the necessary hand room without her aid.

With that barrier out of the way I started searching for the glory hole but all I found was a maze of flaps and skin and hair, what the fuck was this shit? But I endeavored to persevere and eventually found my way to the spot. I would like to think that she enjoyed it but I imagine she just tolerated it in hope that it would get better.

Those memories, that search, the discovery, all that stuff is engraved in my mind and is a memory I cherish. It was magical, fun and very exciting. Seeing those part later up close in the light of day was also a wonderful experience.

I wonder if the first time is ruined for young men nowadays? I mean by the first time they feel up a girl they have seen all the parts in graphic detail. They have seen what goes where and how. It cant be the same for them. Has the internet robbed them of the joy of discovery that I had?

Special thanks to Lisa. I will never forget you and your young perfect body.

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