Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New day

My body is strange, weighed in this morning at 263.5, six pounds less than yesterday. Most of that has to be water, and a cheep scale.

If I could loose six pounds a day I would be under 200lbs in less that two weeks!

We'll see what tomorrow morning brings.

My oldest son Nick got home from the Navy today. He has a little more than a month before he has to report to his next boat. He will be joining the USS Nevada in Bangor Washington. For some reason the boat is in dry dock. I can't find anything online about it, it was refitted with the newer missiles and refueled in 2002 so that's not why it is there, strange. He is not to thrilled about joining a dry docked crew. Hopefully he can get a chance to cruise with one of the other boats there in Bangor so he can compete his certification

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Blog

So I weighed myself this morning and hit 269.5!

That's way to close to 270 for comfort, maybe it's time for me to loose a couple pounds don't you think? So why not start a blog to track my progress? Also I need a place to write the strange thoughts that come to my age addled mind before I forget them.

I decided to call it Orange Alert because that is what my health level is. My mom is a type 1 diabetic and my brother is type 2 I would prefer not to join them. Also I have had a few bouts with acid reflux in the past couple months and that also a bad sign. So here we go.....

Day 1. So why is it that when you start a diet you are always hungrier than you should be? Just the thought of a diet makes me hungry.