Friday, November 26, 2010

Bin a while.

Haven't blogged in about a month, can't really give any reason other than laziness.

I have been working hard on the townhouse but it's mostly been boring mechanical stuff, no real changes to be seen.

Have been working hard on HVAC stuff. Ran new duct-work into the small front bedroom, and the new master bath. Repaired a lot of other ducts including the one that fed the dining room (when my brilliant BIL installed the new laminate floor he just covered over the duct.) Moved the main air return from the living room to the dining room (I didn't like where it was) and added a return vent for the second floor. Believe it or not but the furnace didn't have a filter so I added one of those.

Mostly finished the plumbing and electrical rough in, just a few little things to do like runs for ceiling fans and dishwasher.

We are close to being ready for drywall and coming to end of the first phase of work. Then I will start posting pictures again.

I need more money and time so anyone who has extra of either please send it my way.