Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back agin

Wow I created this blog 2 years ago and never used it. Time for a change?

So much is different so much has changed in my life it would take a 20,000 word blog to explain it all.

Bullet points....

1. Mary and I are separated (not my choice)
2. I have a new job (by choice.)
3. I will be moving soon (again not my choice) into my old condo that needs a lot of work (and money.)

These are three simple but complicated things that I will endeavor to explore in this space. I don't know if it will be a cathartic thing or just for posterity, we'll see.

I also try and post random thoughts and memories that I find interesting but others may not.

Stay tuned.

Random thought. I can't spell but through the wonders of computers it can be fixed. Sometimes words that I constantly spell incorrectly come up in weird ways. Today's word is explain. When I spell it and then click on it it always comes up enplane . This makes me laugh.

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