Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First weekend done

Well I survived my anniversary just fine with the help of good friends, special thanks to Angie for keeping me sane with her drunk texts Friday night.

First weekend of demo went great. Found a few surprises.

It was scary how little support there was holding up the middle of the second floor joists. Just a double header of 2x4's and a stud wall. You can see how much the floor is sagging. Now I can see why there was constant problems with the bathtub leaking. We are going to have to jack up the floor and put up in real header supported by posts on each end. This will provide the needed support and open up the space the way we want.

Good news is after we took out the closet walls and the drywall from the dividing wall the space opens up nicely and we will not need to move the powder room. This will save a bunch of time and money.

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