Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finaly New Wood

Finally after doing nothing but tearing out stuff we finally got some building done.

We setup a temporary support wall to hold up the second floor and then removed what was left of the old load-bearing wall. Then we secured our new 2x10 beam on the good side by the stairway and used a bottle jack to lift the beam in the middle.

When the beam was level we had brought up the bad side of the second floor almost an inch and made it level with the other part of the wall.

Those beams were so poorly supported I'm surprised the second floor hadn't come crashing down. But now we have nice solid support and the space is opened up nicely just like we wanted.

Speaking of the second floor, we got the sub floor fixed and can walk upstairs again without worrying about falling through a big hole.

We also tore out all of the old DWV and water supply pipes. Had a bit of a nasty surprise (besides Tim's shower in old sewage) the main stack took an unexpected turn and that will complicated my design for the master bath. Just some of the fun of renovation.

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