Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lemons into lemonade

So I was all excite to start finally building something instead of just doing demolition. The plan was to build a temporary supporting wall and then install the new header that will hold up the second floor. Then we can start on floor repairs.

Tim met me over at Lowe's and we picked up some 2x4's and 2x10's and headed over to the townhouse. I open the front door and I don't hear the alarm chirping. I soon discovered that we had no electricity. I call Casey and find out that he hasn't paid the electric bill in a couple months. Lovely, all my plans shot too hell, a three day weekend wasted. I was so pissed!

But then my mind started thinking, hmmm IPL has shut off the power to the house. I can now change out the breaker box!

The breaker box was always going to be a problem. It's an old fuse type box that's too small and too messed up. I have the skills to replace it but the electric company kind of frowns on DIY'ers doing that kind of project. To come out and disconnect and then reconnect the power they require a licensed electritian to come out and at least inspect the job. This was going to cost me.

But now the power is turned off and I can replace the box and then have it reconnected in my name and nobody will know the box has been changed (unless they read this blog.)

You ask for miracles, Theo.... I give you the IPL

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